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OutShare is designed using the Microsoft .NET architecture and optimized for securely exchanging data over the Internet.

With OutShare, it's easy to keep your Outlook information in sync on two or more different machines, to share Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with your co-workers and friends. OutShare technology makes it easy to synchronize Outlook for private persons or employees working from remote offices, home, or while traveling.

OutShare consists of two components: OutShare Outlook Synchronizer and OutShare Web Access Engine based on 4Team Exchange Server (Service). OutShare Synchronizer is a Windows application that synchronizes your Outlook with the 4Team Exchange Server (Service) database, and makes your Outlook data available for synchronization with your other PCs from anywhere using the Internet connection. To learn more about how it works click here.
Microsoft ActiveSync like interface   Microsoft ActiveSync - like interface
Access all OutShare Synchronizer settings and features.

Synchronize Outlook with OutShare Synchronizer

Access Synchronizer from Windows tray  
Access Synchronizer from Windows tray
The OutShare Synchronizer tray utility shows your current synchronization status and access to most features of OutShare. OutShare Synchronizer works without Microsoft Outlook actually open, and without interference with your work regardless of whether your Outlook is closed or opened. When you open Outlook, all the shared or synchronized data will be there.
    Synchronize Microsoft Outlook with OutShare
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