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OutShare Release Notes

OutShare Synchronizer and Web Access (OWA) for Microsoft Outlook Release Notes

You can determine which version you have by going to the Help Menu > About. The release notes below cover what's new and what's been fixed in each release.
The latest version downloadable link is available from the OutShare Synchronizer Help menu -> About....-> Check for the Update button or from the upper right-hand corner of Web Access (click here to log in).
The Web Access link can also be used if you want to install OutShare to a new computer.

We're always looking for ways to make OutShare more useful to you, so please let us know what you think.

Download the latest version of OutShare Synchronizer here.


06/19/2009: Our OutShare Service has been terminated due to introduction of our new products.

For synchronization or sharing of your data we recommend using one of the following products:

  • Sync2 by 4Team Corporation
    Synchronize Microsoft Outlook data between multiple PCs using external USB device, shared network folder or FTP.
  • Sync2PST by 4Team Corporation
    Synchronize Microsoft Outlook PST files. Sync Outlook folders between multiple PCs without a server using an external USB device or shared network folder (LAN), and a shared PST file.
  • ShareO by Team Corporation
    Share calendar, contacts, journal, mail, tasks and notes folders with other Outlook users without server with this easy-to-use utility.
  • Sync2DB by 4Team Corporation
    Connect and sync SQL Database with Microsoft Outlook.

The full list of our products can be found here: www.4team.biz

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences.

Version 1.10.4061 2/19/2008

Changes made:
  • The usage of CPU and memory has been considerably optimized. The speed of working has been considerably improved.
  • In the old version all items deleted or moved to other folders while OutShare Synchronizer was not running were not removed from the server and appeared again in Outlook during the next synchronization.
  • In the new version they are correctly removed from the server during the next synchronization.
  • The support of Vista and Microsoft Outlook 2007 has been added
  • New progress bars on folders in main form implemented.
  • Filter for Public Folders implemented. When the Public Folders are downloaded for the first time (e.g. after Set User Account Wizard), items for the last 3 days are downloaded by default.
    The Activation form has been redesigned to simplify using.
  • The Synchronizer executable file has been renamed from "SynchronizerApp.exe" to "OutshareSynchronizer.exe".
  • The "Preparing" step on all folders is now not performed after installing new updates of Synchronizer.
  • From now on the 2 installation packages are available: with the help file and without it. The difference is about 4MB. In the version without the help file, the online help page opens automatically.
  • New location for program shortcuts
    ("Start\All Programs\4Team Corporation\4Team OutShare" instead of "Start\All Programs\4Team OutShare")
  • An additional sleep delay for 2 minutes has been added, when Synchronizer starts with Windows to avoid performance issues during Windows start-up.
  • Progress bar "Enabling..." is not shown when Synchronizer starts with Windows.
  • Progress bars "Application starting..." (on start) and "Database initializing..." (in the Set User Account Wizard) are added.
  • The Progress bar shows up in the background now
  • The Login form shows up in the background now
  • The About form: an additional expiration date is now shown for Web Access License.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Folder's status can be shown incorrectly (e.g. 'Synchronized' before the folder is actually synchronized).
    This problem is mainly related to Immediate Synchronization mode.
  • Status in the status bar can be shown incorrectly (e.g. 'Disconnected' instead of 'Disabled', etc.).
  • Some of e-mails that were moved using rules from the Inbox to another folder (or manually deleted) was not removed from that folder on the Server.
  • After syncing e-mails on Outlook 2000 their Subjects were empty on the server.
  • The About form: the license status "Registered" was shown instead of "Trial".
  • Toolbar icons were not transparent in Outlook 2007.
  • Other minor bugs.

OutShare Web Access Version: 1.50.111

  • Updates include:
    • The speed of Web Access loading and working has been considerably improved
    • Traffic usage has been considerably optimized.
    • The "Empty Deleted Items" functionality implemented.
    • The "Delete" button on the toolbar in the main window has appeared
    • The Restore from "Deleted items" option implemented.
    • The possibility to change the Read/Unread status in the mail implemented (including automatically making item’s status as “Read” when opening and after 10 seconds of item viewing in Preview Pane).
    • The possibility to change flagging in the mail implemented (including the flag's text, date and color).
    • When "Mail" (in left menu) is opened, the "Inbox" will open by default, not the dashboard (like in Outlook).
    • New Web Access specificities:
      • On items grouping in the old version, the item's number in the group and on current page was shown, e.g. "Today (20 of 38)".
        Now only the number on current page is shown, e.g. "Today (20)";
      • On items sorting in the old version, the current page was automatically changed to view the selected item. In the new Web Access, it isn't.
  • Bugs Fixed:
    • The "Refresh" button failed in some cases.
    • Dates of tasks (Due Date/Start Date) showed  the years 1899 or 1900 instead of "None".
    • Instead of the message "You have no permission to delete item", the message "Item could not be deleted, please try again" was shown.
    • Other minor bugs.

    OutShare Web Access Version: 1.30.84

    Changes made:
    • Deletion functionality partially implemented (available from "Right-Click" menu).
    • Improved OWA overall performance

    Version 1.01.4008, OWA Version: 1.20.80

    Changes made:
    • The firewall-friendly port 80 now used (instead of 8080)
    • The Close and Minimize icons have been added to the progress form.
    • The workflow of Set User Account Wizard has been changed - the first form (with radio button) is now removed. The Registration now goes through the Web.
    • The "YouCanCloseMainForm" form is now displayed not only on start of preparing, but on start of synchronization as well.
    • Web Access: A Group calendar is implemented.
    Bugs Fixed:
    • The synchronization problem that occurred during the process of preparing
    • The 'Status' would be shown incorrectly
    • The Log in button in the main form would not work
    • When users delete items in the synchronized folders, they would remain on the server.
    • Problems with "YouCanCloseMainForm"
    • Outlook add-in is now signed
    • After using the "Reload" icon the Web Access Engine would work incorrectly

    Version 1.0.3708, OWA Version: 1.0.66 4/2007

    Changes made:
    • The login form is not visible during login with a remembered password.
    • New version of Web Access. The Web access for Calendar folders is improved.

    Version 1.0.3704 4/2007

    Bugs Fixed:
    • Unicode bug fixed
    • Filter "Do not synchronize birthdays" works.
    • mapi session and Outlook closing problem
    • There are problems with deleting and moving folders within Public Folders
    Known bugs and problems:
    • Status in the status bar can be shown incorrectly. (e.g. 'Synchronized' before the folder is being actually synchronized). This problem occurs mainly in the Immediate Synchronization mode.
    • Status in the status bar dialog can be shown incorrectly (e.g. 'Disconnected' instead of 'Disabled', etc.).
    • Synchronization is possible for one default Personal Folder only including subfolders, such as Calendar, Contacts, etc.(Exchange or any other type of e-mail folder is supported if configured as the default Personal folder).
    • Microsoft Exchange Public folders are not supported yet

    Version 1.0.36 2/2007

    Changes made:
    • Synchronizer memory usage optimization.
    • "Short Re-send" functionality
    • Short re-send re-made - Synchronization does not start after "Short Re-send" preparation now. It starts after normal preparation only.
    Bugs Fixed:
    • Mail body texts with HTML format are synchronized without Unicode (national) symbols (only when downloaded to another computer. Upload to the server is correct). RTF and plain text format is OK.
    • Deleting or moving of folders doesn't work - fixed for private folders (it still doesn't work for public folders).
    • Adding of folders and items to Public Folders - fixed partially (without subfolder structures).
    • Application self-closing on MAPI session error (Outlook closing problem).

    Version 1.0.33 1/2007

  • A 14-day free trial released. (Trial licenses for accounts created earlier than December 29, 2006 have been extended until April 4, 2007).
  • If you are upgrading from version 1.0.2657 (or earlier), you should uninstall the previous version of the program first.

  • Changes made:
  • Service Account size is set to 100 MB by default for the trial version.
  • The "Create New User" function has been added in the OutShare Synchronizer.
  • Timer for Synchronizer start when Outlook starts has been added (default value – 10 sec).
  • The "Set same settings for subfolders" function is temporarily disabled.
  • The "Set/manage Web Access" terminology has been changed to "Set/manage Web Access link(s)" terminology.
  • Default value for the ‘Synchronizer enabling on Windows start’ option has been changed from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Service Account number- of- users limitation has been added.
  • The ‘Initialize synchronization’ option has been turned on by default in the Set User Account Wizard.
  • Value "3 days" has been added to initial synchronization filters.
  • The default initial synchronization filter value has been set to 3 days.
  • Symbol "-" is now permitted in the ZIP code check.
  • The "Check for update" menu item has been added on the Help menu in OutShare Synchronizer and Outlook add-on.

  • Bugs Fixed:
  • Problems with license activation – resolved.
  • Problem with synchronization of deleted inbox (e-mail type) items fixed
  • Problem with Synchronizer pending if several dialogs with progress bars are open - resolved.
  • Problem with OutShare Synchronizer error message that "Outlook version is not English" - resolved.
  • The "Password Reminder" forms’ design has been improved.
  • Problems with the "Copy", "Update" and "Update and E-mail" buttons on "Set Web Access Link" and "Manage Web Access Links" staying enabled - resolved.
  • Problems with the "Free/Busy" events synchronization - resolved.
  • The "Auto fill" function for Service Account registration on the Web has been improved.
  • Problem with the error "Cannot get default folder from Microsoft Outlook" - resolved.
  • The "Update Password" button on the Web Access Engine would not work – resolved.
  • The Service/user account transfer procedure has been improved.
  • The currently used Service Account size would display incorrectly if items were synchronized without attachments – resolved.
  • Enter would not work on the "Next" button while registering the Service Account on the Web – resolved.
  • Filter description texts in the OutShare Synchronizer have been corrected.

  • Known bugs and problems:
  • Immediately after the upgrade "Status" and "Estimated Time Left" can be shown incorrectly.
  • Status in the status bar can be shown incorrectly.

    Version 1.0.27

  • Free trial license until December 29, 2006
  • If you are upgrading from 1.0.2657 (or earlier), you should uninstall the program first.
  • Changes made:

  • New 'Exit' function has been implemented.
  • Terminology 'Disconnected/Connected' has been changed to 'Offline/Online'; terminology 'Offline mode/Online mode' has been changed to 'Local mode/Server mode'.
  • Task bar notifications ('balloons') upon exiting the Synchronizer and synchronization start and end are implemented.
  • OutShare shortcut icon is added to the desktop and Quick Launch pane during the OutShare installation.
  • Principle of operation for the 'Report a problem…' function is changed (size of bug report attachments was reduced greatly); the 'Report a problem on date…' function is added.
  • Check for incorrect login format is added (both in the Synchronizer and on Web Access).
  • Default value of the radio button in the OutShare Installation Wizard has been changed from 'Just me' to 'Everyone'.
  • Drafts folder has been excluded from the list of folders synchronized by default using Synchronization and Sharing Wizard.
  • Progress bar is shown when enabling the Synchronizer.
  • Folder name is displayed next to the check boxes on the Synchronization and Sharing Settings form.
  • Outlook add-in toolbar functionality has been totally changed to improve usability.
  • Bug Fixed:

  • 'Categories' dialog that sometimes opened beneath other windows has been fixed.
  • Problem with non-standard .ZIP format of bug report attachments is fixed.
  • Problems with deleting and moving of folders within Public Folders are resolved.
  • Status in status bar shown incorrectly - resolved.
  • Search function does not work for contacts on the Select Contacts dialog - resolved.
  • Known bugs and problems:

  • Right after the upgrade 'Status' and 'Estimated Time Left' can be shown incorrectly
  • Status in status bar can be shown incorrectly
  • Version 1.0.25

    Changes made:

  • Outlook 2000 and 2002 (XP) is now supported
  • registration process improved
  • Bug Fixed:

  • Synchronizer's and Outlook's memory leak
  • problems with attachment synchronization resolved
  • problems with deleting and moving of folders within Public Folders resolved
  • Status in status bar shown incorrectly- resolved
  • Version 1.0.24

    We are happy that our more than 2 years of development and research are finally bringing us some results. The first publicly available beta version of OutShare was released October 16, 2006.

    Known issues:

    • Functional features currently not supported (not synchronized):
      • Document items
      • Report items (e-mail delivery receipts)
      • Post items
      • Journal items
      • Notes
      • Custom items (items that have custom form)
      • Task Requests (special e-mails with a request for Task)
    • System limitations:
      • Compatible with Microsoft® Outlook® 2003 only (Outlook versions 2002, 2000 and prior are not supported yet) - fixing in progress.
      • Windows 2002, XP, 2003
    • Other issues and limitations:
    Microsoft and Outlook are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.