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Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook between PCs
Wouldn't it be great to be able to sync Outlook between Desktop and Notebook, share Outlook folders with your secretary, friends, family, and users without Outlook at all, and all this over the Internet, LAN, or with help of USB stick without Exchange Server and large investment of time and money? We thought so, too.
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Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook on two or more machines
With OutShare, you can synchronize as many machines (desktops, laptop PC's) as you want, without even starting Outlook; they will look like clones; you will never need to copy your data between PCs and delete unwanted emails, contacts and duplicates, never need to read the same e-mail again, or miss your meetings or important appointments. All your Outlook updates will securely and silently collaborate with our 4Team Exchange Server without interrupting your main work with other programs; or you simply synchronize them manually at any time you want.

Share Outlook folders with your coworkers, friends and families
Sharing Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Contacts and other Outlook personal folders is easy, even with users without Outlook. You decide who can see your Calendar and for how long. Create Outlook Workgroup Calendar to track your corporate or family events. Outlook Public folders and more.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) without Microsoft Exchange Server
Since all the data from your PCs is synchronized with our server, you don’t need to keep your machines up and running; all the data will be available online. 4Team OutShare for Outlook allows any user with a compatible browser to access his Outlook folders over the Internet or LAN. OutShare OWA looks and acts very much like the Outlook 2003 desktop client with many options unavailable in Outlook itself. You can create web access to single items or the whole folder for any one without Outlook; export to popular vcard, iCalendar or cvs file format.
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